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Content curation is a hot topic in Internet marketing today. Content curation is a great way to build relationships with your fans, followers, and community. One of the key differences between content curation and simple sharing is the fact that content curation often involves adding comments or more information from those who are curating. A simple share, on the other hand, is just a repetition of what the original poster shared .So, for example, it might be considered a straight share when a person retweets someone on Twitter or shares their update on Facebook. When one adds comments or thoughts, a simple share can be considered content curation. You could say, “Very good article” or “I’m attending the event, I hope that you will also.” These types of additions serve primarily a social/relational function.

A more robust form of content curation occurs when you reference someone’s else’s blog post and add your own list of tips and strategies to it. This becomes a way of filtering information and presenting the best of it to your community. Building influence develops your position as a thought leader. A powerful building process is to introduce content through filtering. As the rate of content production increases and people feel more and more overwhelmed by information, the most influential leaders will be the ones who filter best. If you want to hold a leadership position within a community, then you need to actively work at filtering out information that is specific to it. You can become an influencer by creating and curating your own content. You can build your thought leadership by developing relevant, timely, unique and captivating content that serves your target audience. You can curate your content by creating new posts or reviving conversations about a topic. Content curation started as a means of creating new content. Are you looking about aba & preach? Browse the previously outlined website.

But, over time, it has evolved to be a method for building influence. By curating content, you are subtly aligning yourself with the original content creator. Submitting new formats for your content allows you control and direct the focus of attention. The best way to exert influence is when you can direct and control attention and focus. The ultimate goal of becoming the content producer for your target audience is to produce content that everyone loves to share. Make it interesting. Do not be afraid to voice your opinion. You can use infographics, graphs and images to prove your point. Create content that is enjoyable for your market. Use your knowledge to help people understand the important things. If you can make people interact with your information in a constructive way, while also helping to guide the conversation so that your community benefits from it, you’ll be a curator with influence.