Features Of Stock Market Trading Platform

Features Of Stock Market Trading Platform

Forex Trading

Online brokers can be licensed, and then they provide the services to their clients. Direct-access brokers might offer clients a variety of trading platforms. Execution, access to routes, and stability are all factors that can help determine the quality of each platform. The roboforex helps you to trade know more information read roboforex reviews. Support and trading specific features can also be used to evaluate its caliber.

Order Execution Tools
This module is used by day traders to place trade orders. Additional orders can be added to the basic order types. These include bracket orders (combination buy/sell orders that cancel each other when one is triggered), reserve orders (show small size and hide large orders) and timed orders (algos that automatically buy or sell at specific time intervals), complex orders, peg orders (algorithmic orders that place all orders on the inside, split between bid/ask range, great for rebate traders), algorithmic scale (buy or sale shares when certain conditions are met), and basket orders As split seconds count, hot-keys can be useful for active traders. Some platforms offer add-on programming APIs or languages. Direct-access platforms generally have Level 2 (also called a market depth window). This allows for point-and-click order executions and attaches time and sales to the order entry module.

News Feeds
These add-ons are typically subscription-based and provide the latest financial news via a continuous stream. This is a great option for day traders who are news-based. It is easy for day traders to become too focused on headlines. Dow Jones Newswires and Reuters are the most popular news feeds. PR Newswire is also a common choice. This add-on usually costs an additional monthly fee from traders’ accounts.

Scanning Tools
Scanners scan the market looking for trades. FXCM accepts all types of trading criteria. Will provide lists of the top 10 gainers, losers,s, and most active stocks.Need detailed information reed the real fxcm review. Traders can find scanners detrimental as they can chase too many things without thoroughly analyzing the setup.

Fundamental Research Tools
These enable traders to quickly access information about a company, including historical earnings data and financial metrics. More sophisticated features include access to analyst ratings and reports. It’s all about convenience and not having to search the Internet for information.

Charts are the main tool for technical analysis. Basic charting includes candlestick, bar, and line charts. These charts can be used to show basic indicators such as Bollinger bands, moving averages and RSI. It is possible to add trend lines. Advanced charting features are available on more advanced platforms, including the ability to add trend lines and a wider range of built-in indicators and studies.

Day traders need reliable access to technical, trade, and administrative support. Although support via telephone, internet, and e-mail are the most common, it can be costly and time-consuming, particularly if there is an open trade position. The best way to get support is via the platform. Long wait times are a hallmark of discount brokers.