Five Skills Estate Agents Must Have to Stay Relevant in Today’s World

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Despite technological disruption having affected many industries and jobs, these valuable skills of estate agents have yet to be duplicated by any machine.

Some industries may be in danger of becoming obsolete due to the technological revolution. However, property is not one of those industries. While digital can replace many things, it is difficult to imagine a world where it would replace brick and mortar. Property investors need not worry about their investments becoming obsolete anytime soon.

But, this is not true for some jobs in the property industry. The potential disruption of technology could be a concern for estate agents. According to current trends, estate agents provide many services that technology cannot replace. Visit the following link to know more about real estate brokers skills:

You Can Use Your Skills as an Estate Agent to Be a Good Asset in This Age of Technology

Technology has made it easier to sell and buy homes online. Forbes writes that technology can enable homebuyers to do their own home searches, but only once they have found the perfect home for them, according to Aly J. Yale, a real estate journalist. These are the essential skills estate agents have that make their services so valuable at this stage in the process.

Communication Skills

The focus has shifted from selling to providing service in the age of technology. Estate agents don’t have to be salespeople. They can become excellent service providers. They provide services that are unique and cannot be duplicated by machines, such as:

Networking Skills

A network of contacts who play a part in the homebuying process greatly simplifies the process for both buyers and sellers.

You might have the contact information for a lawyer to help you with the legal side of property transfers or a recommendation for a property surveyor. Clients will be impressed by this level of efficiency, as they won’t get these first-hand recommendations via property websites.

Know the Industry

Estate agents excel in areas such as local knowledge and market knowledge. Online property listings don’t offer expert advice about the market’s current state, such as whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market and how that will impact the transaction.

Agents are able to stay on top of current market developments and have a deep knowledge of the areas where properties are bought so that they can advise clients on local house prices.

Tech Knowledge

Estate agents should not view tech as a disruptive force, but as an ally. Estate agents can benefit from the use of social media, enterprise software, and apps by providing:

The added benefit of a tech-driven process is that it shows clients that estate agents are completely immersed in tech and can thrive in this new world rather than being mere casualties of the technology revolution.

Marketing Skills

Many home sellers are concerned about their privacy and might be reluctant to sell their properties online. These potential clients are estate agents who must be able to connect these sellers with potential buyers through offline marketing.